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About Our Team


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

In college Laura studied Social Work and Woman’s Studies with an emphasis on working clinically with children and adults. Her master’s degree had an emphasis also on Adventure-Based Therapy. Laura loves to spend time in the wilderness and believes it holds great healing potential for all.


Laura began her journey of service working as a psychotherapist in the late nineties. She worked in hospitals, treatment centers, wilderness programs and schools. Through those years she began to see the incredible potential of not only nature as an incredible healing modality, but using yoga and breathing as tools to help empower clients to gain control over their moods and help connect with their bodies.


In 2006, she began to study yoga and meditation at the Shambhava School of Yoga. She has taught yoga and meditation classes for years with both kids and adults. She ran many yoga kids programs and camps throughout the foothills and Littleton. She is the author of a book called, “Sunshine Yoga Kids”.


During her recent challenge with cancer she decided to help herself continue to grow and move forward by taking her yoga studies to the next level. She completed her 300 hour Yoga Therapy training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy School. She is in the process of completing another 2 years of Yoga Therapy training as she begins working with clients. She believes she has found a beautiful combination of her skills to bring to the world and help heal others.


Robyn Johnson’s obsession and journey with cooking healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle began with short daily walk/runs at Lair O’ the Bear, hours of watching Food Network, and many clipped recipes from Cooking Light magazines! Her trek has continued for the last 20 years through education, certifications, research and experience. 


She offers her clients guidance in a world filled with confusing health and wellness demands and trends through whole food education, cooking lessons, and personal cooking needs.


As a Health Coach, she offers one-on-one private coaching sessions in person or online where she helps her clients take a look at the whole picture of their life from spirituality and nutrition to career and relationships. While she has been immersed in health and wellness for years, she realizes that others might be just starting their journey. She meets her clients where they’re at, and then supports them while they get to where they want to be.



Robyn understands that the beginning of a path can often be hard and overwhelming, which is why she offers private healthy cooking lessons for individuals, families, and small groups. The lessons focus on techniques and methods that can be used on a daily basis. Her cooking lessons are a great option for those who have recently discovered food sensitivities or a new way of eating, such as gluten free, dairy free or adopting a plant-based diet.


As a mom of two daughters, Robyn understands the need for a little help every once in awhile - especially with dinner! As a Professional Plant-Based Cook, Robyn can supplement your personal cooking needs. She cooks freeze-able items in her home kitchen, and delivers them to her clients who might need some items every once in awhile to help them get through the week in a healthy way! Items include soups, salads, muffins, side dishes, etc.


Most recently, Robyn continues her education, working towards a Certification for Functional Medicine Coaching from the School of Applied Functional Medicine. She is in the process of gaining a thorough understanding of the interconnectedness within the physiological body, and will use this new knowledge to help her clients discover and naturally heal the root cause of their dis-ease, such as:


·  Poor digestion

·  Restless sleep

·  Stubborn weight


Through the years, Robyn has led health and wellness efforts within Jeffco Public Schools, taught after school healthy cooking classes for elementary school students, and taught a grant-funded program for preschoolers called Exploring Foods Together. 


Robyn can be reached at 303-818-0896 or, or check out her website at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram at Baby Kale Health.

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